Stenta Films (M) Sdn Bhd




A Total Quality Control System is implemented in the manufacture of ARLENE BOPP FILM. On-line and off-line inspections are frequently conducted to ensure that only the best leave the factory.

On-line inspections on factors such as thickness, process conditions, temperature control, profile and many others are done continuously via a fully computerized feedback system which automatically corrects any errors that may occur.

Off-line quality control inspections are conducted on the finished products to ensure that our quality meets the highest specifications. The finished films are tested for properties such as tensile strength, elongation, tensile modulus, thermal shrinkage, static potential, coefficient of friction, clarify gloss, web flatness, surface treatment, seal temperature and seal strength.

Our Quality Control Laboratory is equipped with a complete range of modern laboratory equipment used to test the various properties of the film. All equipment are properly maintained and frequently calibrated to ensure that data obtained are consistently accurate.